Some Like it Hot – Most Famous Coronado Movie

On January 1, 1959 the Movie “Some Like it Hot” was released.

This movie not only showcased the excellent screenwriting directing skills of Billy Wilder, but also showed that Marilyn Monroe was more than just a sex pot. There was magic on the screen as Marilyn was surrounded by genius actors and comedians, Tony Curtis and Jack Lemon.

Coronado was the ‘location’ for much of this film, and the Hotel Del Coronado was center stage. They shot all the scenes, ‘outside’ but the interior shots replicated the Hotel Del very well. Besides shooting in the exterior of the hotel, they also shot footage on the Coronado Beach.

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Considered one of the best American Comedy films of all times, be sure to watch this movie, and visit the beautiful location, the world famous Hotel Del Coronado.

Traveler Alert: Cost for parking in the Hotel Del Coronado parking lot is $26 for any period of time. You may want to park on the street, down by the Community Center City Hall and save yourself that rather pricey ticket.

Visit the Hotel Del Coronado and check out the Movie history, both in the hall of history and in several books in the gift shop.

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Shipwreck in Coronado

Coronado Shipwreck

It’s been almost two weeks since the Moonstone washed ashore on Coronado’s Silver Strand State beach in the middle of a stormy night. Heavy equipment was used to drag the ship off the beach and store it, temporarilly inside the first parking lot. At the time of the event news reports said Lifeguards were looking for the owner of the Sailboat which had apparently been poorly cared for. Apparently, it’s the owners responsibility to remove the boat. Live In Coronado is trying to find out what happened to the owner. For now, at least, the shipwreck in Coronado remains a mystery.

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Still in it’s early days, is setting itself apart from the usual sampling of local blogs with it’s off-beat stories, videos and contests. In the “Where in Coronado” – Wednesday’s contest, a local Coronado Resident won $25 Visa Gift Card – just for identifying the location of the picture below. The editor (yours truly) hopes to continue to post something cool and unique related to Coronado, Today, Everyday…. Check out this new blog and show your Coronado pride – or simple Coronado admiration – by commenting on posts and liking the CoronadoBeat FanPage.

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Coastal Real Estate Set To Improve

According to an article in the North County Times yesterday, there’s been an increase in sales for higher priced Coastal Properties. With home affordability at new levels, those who can qualify and who do have the income are opting more and more for the highly desirable coastal properties. Coronado Island, one of the most beautiful and exclusive communities in the world is seeing increased sales. This picture shows a multimillion dollar home going through major renovation in Coronado Cays – San Diego’s only residential marina community.

Coastal Real Estate Sales Set to Improve

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Coronado Cays Community Upgrades Docks

Per a press release today from the vendor BYM Products, the Coronado Cays community of Trinidad Village hired Bellingham Marine to do a complete overhaul of their 35 year old boat docks system. The new plan replaces the common walkway where all fingers are attached to a new configuration which privatizes each of the individual docks, resulting in more berths, increased safety by making each dock private, two slips per home and environmental benefits by reducing overwater coverage (shading.)

Obviously, these improvements will also increase the property value of these homes.

Common Walkway Style Dock

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Coronado Development Agency Cited in Article

In an article by the Silicon Valley based Mercury News, Coronado was used as an example of the kind of Development Agency which is being targeted for abolishment by Governor Brown.

The report by the state controller’s office found great differences in how cities define blight. Palm Desert, for example, used redevelopment money to renovate greens and bunkers at a 4 1/2-star golf resort. Near San Diego, Coronado’s redevelopment area covers every privately owned parcel in the city, including multimillion dollar beachfront homes.

For Coronado residents, the comparison seems unfair. Blight could easily be defined as an unkempt empty lot or unocccupied or perhaps historical beachfront home that requires preservation efforts. The fact that the home is worth millions of dollars just goes with the neighborhood. Palm Desert needs tourists just as much as Coronado does and needs to attract affluent second home buyers as well as those planning to retire in Palm Desert. Golf is a major attraction, so keeping up a 4 1/2 star golf resort seems like a good use of voter funds, if voters care about maintaining property value and city tax revenues. And in Coronado, keeping up the ‘beauty’ and the bike paths, and all the things that make people return to Coronado and dream of living here someday are of value to every Coronado resident.

Here’s a documents that shows what the Coronado Development Agency has been up to and what’s planned for the future: Coronado Development Agency Info

To read the entire article from, click here: State review faults Calif. redevelopment agencies

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The Coronado Sandman

He rides through town pulling a cart behind his bicycle. He always wears the same outfit, sort of yachtsman/chimney-sweep, and he waves his paint brush of choice – a broom – in the air with one hand.

While Coronado sleeps – he mysteriously creates his temporary art. His paint is sand, his brush is a broom and his canvas is the somewhere in the streets of Coronado.

This rare daylight footage was taken quickly as he drove past the Coronado police department towards the Coronado library.

Note if you can that he’s got a little light on his broom.

Rare Glimpse of Coronado Sandman in Daylight

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Water Front Living in the Coronado Cays

There aren’t too many places in the world where you can step outside your back door and gaze upon the blue water. In the Coronado Cays, San Diego’s only residential marina – you can live nestled amongst the sail boats and the yachts and watch the sea gulls play. Homes in the Coronado Cays sell between the mid $500′s for condo’s up to $3-8M for large custom homes.

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Coronado Island – Tips For Getting the Most Out of Your Visit

By Heidi White

To get the most out of your summer visit to Coronado Island, the first thing you need to realize is that Coronado Island actually isn’t a real island. Rather the City of Coronado is located on an isthmus – which is a long narrow strip of land usually with a larger land mass at one end, often surrounded by water. In the case of Coronado, the narrow strip of land is called the Silver Strand, and the larger land mass at the tip is the Island part of Coronado – typically called ‘the village.’ This is important to know because so many people only visit the main ‘Village’ sections of Coronado and miss out on all the cool parts farther south down on the Silver Strand.

All in all, the whole City of Coronado is less than 30 miles from one end to the other, so no matter where you start, you should be able to see all of what Coronado has to offer if you can grab a few days and preferably a week to stake out your visit.

So, assuming you are not just coming over for the day, you will need accommodations. Coronado is home to multiple hotels, including the world famous, Hotel Del Coronado which is located in the ‘village’ part of Coronado, as well as the 5 Star Loews Coronado Resort & Spa which is located about 5 miles south on the Silver Strand. In addition to the larger hotels and resorts, there are also numerous smaller lodging facilities including micro motels, B&B’s and even a Best Western. The other options for staying overnight include vacation home rentals which can range from $2000 per week up to $50,000 per week. And if you have a recreational vehicle you can try and reserve a spot at the Silver Strand State Beach. One thing we don’t have in Coronado is a Youth Hostel of any kind, and don’t even imagine for a minute that the local police will let you get away with sleeping in your car.

So, the most important tip we can offer is to book your accommodations early. Whether you stay in a private home, made available for the month of July, which overlooks the ocean or sits on a dock in one of the residential marina homes in the Coronado Cays, or you hope to get a room at the Best Western Inn, you’ll be disappointed if you wait until the summer sun is out before you try to book your spot.

The other most important tip we can offer is to rent or bring bikes. There are several bike shops in Coronado that specialize in renting bikes. Coronado is truly one of the best towns in the country for riding a bike. There are bike trails going around the entire Island (Isthmus) and in the Village the speed limit is only 25, so it’s pretty safe.

The only thing we do not recommend is renting one of those 5 passenger cycle carts – which they rent at the Ferry Landing. At least, we don’t recommend renting one of those ‘death traps’ unless you plan to stay on the promenade by the Ferry Landing. Every year, the locals groan as we watch some hapless family with toddlers trying to cross the fricken freeway which is what 3rd Avenue becomes as people come onto the Island from the Coronado Bay Bridge. Nobody’s died yet, but it can’t be safe crossing a four lane highway in one of those silly contraptions.

Finally, check out all sides of the island. Many people never get past the usual tourist stops of the Hotel Del and the main restaurant and shopping drags at the Ferry Landing and on Orange Ave. We highly recommend spending at least one day down at the Silver Strand State Beach. If you don’t want to pay $8 for a day pass, you can park in the Coronado Cays and walk across. If you drive north once you enter the Cays, and park at the north end of Coronado Cays Blvd, you can walk across the entrance driveway to the Loews Resort and take a secret passage way under the bridge right to the part of the beach where lifeguards, bathrooms and even a snack bar exist. Plus, you will get a glimpse on the bay side of the Aquatic Center, where you could picnic on one of the many shaded table areas, or even rent sail boats and kayaks.

Bottom line: there’s more to Coronado, then the main beach or the main shopping drags so spend some time at the beach or park. And when you’re sick of hot dogs and picnic fair and you want to go into the Village for a an actual sit down meal, we recommend Italian Village in the Ferry Landing for best pizza and view, or Costa Azul on Orange Ave for relaxing casual quality Mexican dining with a full bar and great Margaritas.

Just remember, the City of Coronado takes itself very seriously, and like Disneyland or Las Vegas, the local authorities takes a very tough stance on anyone or anything that tarnishes the city’s pristine reputation. Don’t get me wrong, you can have fun in Coronado, but if you get drunk and act obnoxious you will get arrested for disturbing the peace. They even site people for playing their car stereos too loud. The crime rate in Coronado is almost non-existent, yet the Police Department boasts a facility that makes Beverly Hills Cops feel like they are slumming it, and the Eagle Journal, a weekly Coronado newspaper, shows a consistent arrest quota of DUIs, underage tourists with possession, and other forms of disturbing the peace.

So what more could a family ask for then? Coronado Island is a safe, well maintained, and beautiful community surround by beaches, bay, yachts and beautiful blond beach girls wearing micro shorts and bikini tops cruising around on pastel beach cruisers. It is surely a form of Paradise-on-Earth as anyone who has ever spent any significant amount of time in Coronado is sure to agree.

Be sure to bring sunscreen and a good attitude because, in Coronado – “Life is Good.”

This article was written by Heidi White, a freelance writer and publisher, and was originally published in the visual and sometimes off-beat blog, []Live In Coronado.

Article Source: [] Coronado Island – Tips For Getting the Most Out of Your Summer Visit

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Blackstone Buys Majority Stake in Hotel Del Coronado

Blackstone Group LP has agreed to purchase a majority stake in the company the currently owns the Hotel Del Coronado, Coronado Island’s most famous attraction. Strategic Hotels & Resorts Inc., will now get help in restructuring massive debt against the landmark Hotel, made famous for the legendary film, “Some Like it Hot,” starring Marilyn Monroe.

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